Energy Generation off the Grid from IGS


We are dedicated to providing efficient methods of power generation and responsible consumption through sustainable energy solutions.

IGS Generation develops, owns, operates, and maintains the generation assets. Our turn-key energy solutions give customers a long-term plan for responsive energy consumption and recurring savings with no upfront capital costs.

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Distributed Generation

By generating power near the point of consumption, capturing waste heat, and taking advantage of renewable resources, we’re using energy in a smarter, more sustainable way.

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Demand Response

Demand response offers consumers financial incentives for reducing their electricity usage or only consuming electricity up to a certain level when the grid is under peak load conditions.

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IGS Generation

Our programs provide:

Lower energy costs 
Customized pricing that is typically 10-15% below your current costs.

Increased net income 
Energy savings fall to the bottom line.

Monthly performance reporting 
Regular updates on your system’s performance and cost savings.

Remote 24-hour monitoring 
We provide security through real-time service and support.

No system operation costs 
We cover the costs for all operations and maintenance of the system.

Long-term energy stability 
15-20 year price agreements protect against energy market fluctuations.

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