Hardy Road Landfill


In order to develop a landfill gas-to-energy project like Hardy Road, an accurate projection of the available gas to support an electric generator is essential. Methane production declines over time, normally at a rate of less than four percent per year, so an elaborate production model was vital to the success of this project.

An on-site generator typically produces more energy than is required to power a landfill. At Hardy Road, the on-site electric infrastructure was not suitable to transmit the electric energy; however the nearby Akron Water Pollution Control (AWPC) facility, with an electrical demand of about 3 MWs, became the ideal end-user for the energy.

The design called for installing gas conditioning equipment and piping the gas to the engine in an AWPC structure nearby. The power from the generator was connected to a step-up transformer and interconnected to the AWPC substation. Automated monitoring systems communicate directly with protection and relay equipment to ensure that changes in power flow or outages does not pose any safety concerns or risk of equipment damage.



IGS Generation® invests in waste-to-energy projects where systems are used to capture landfill gas to fuel on-site generation. In this instance, Hardy Road’s generation is sold to the adjacent city-owned waste treatment plant through a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).



Using the landfill gas to power an on-site generator we repurposed the flared gas into useful energy, creating 1.1 MW of power, and reducing grid usage by 30%.



The City realized a number of benefits including:

  • Environmental sustainability by using the waste methane as energy
  • Lower electricity costs
  • Long-term energy price stability
  • No capital costs for the project
  • No ongoing system operation costs



  • System design, installation, operation, and maintenance completed by Hull & Associates
  • Installed a 1107kW generator on site
  • Installed a gas conditioning system to clean and compress the waste methane
  • Automated metering for measuring gas flow and electricity generation
  • Reduced annual energy costs for waste treatment facility
  • Able to offset fossil fuel generation and the City reduced its carbon footprint by 5,200 tons of carbon dioxide a year



IGS Generation is dedicated to creating a sustainable energy future through efficient, reliable, and renewable onsite generation solutions. We provide turnkey, innovative solutions that give our customers a long term plan for energy consumption and control with no upfront capital costs.

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